“First of all, stop doing whatever you are busy with right now and go buy a ticket for this show. Secondly, prepare yourself for an amazing emotional journey and enjoy the brilliant and involving performance of the talented cast masterfully directed by Maestro Aleksey Burago.”

—Live-In Style Magazine

A Comedy By Anton Chekhov

Directed by Aleksey Burago

Set Design by Nikolay Sviridchik

Lighting Design by Nathan Rhoden

This spring, world-renowned Russian director Aleksey Burago leads a critically-acclaimed ensemble in a bold and dynamic interpretation of Anton Chekhov's timeless masterpiece The Seagull, a tragicomedy that explores the love and misunderstandings between lovers, friends, mothers, sons and servants. 

Set in a lakeside country estate, this comedy portrays the struggles of Konstantin to achieve his artistic ambitions and win the admiration of his muse Nina. Frustrated by his spotlight-craving actress mother and envious of her distinguished lover Trigorin, Konstantin's misery is only further inflamed by the other characters at the estate. His uncle, Sorin, regrets all that he has not done as his health declines; Masha, the alcoholic daughter of the frugal estate manager, loves Konstantin but marries Medvedenko, a poor school teacher; Polina, Masha's adulterous mother, is set on running away with Dorn, a womanizing doctor; Dorn has never written a word himself but is full of advice for Konstantin. Interconnected by their disastrous good intentions for each other, The Seagull takes a magnifying glass to the human psychology and the beautiful absurdities of life. 

Featuring: Michael Donaldson, Roman Freud, Kristina Korop, Alex Malyi, Luisa Menzen, David A. Russell, Tom Schubert, Lana Stimmler, Desen Uygur, Oleksiy Varfolomiyev and Di Zhu.