The Russian Arts Theater and Studio offers on-going workshops open to both professional actors and serious students looking to expand their artistry and craft.  What differentiates our studio from others is our firm commitment to illuminating the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavsky and other Russian theater artists in the most accurate and authentic way possible. Instructors are graduates of Russia's most prestigious theater conservatories, where they have studied rigorously under direct descendants of Stanislavsky's studio. Additionally, as part of our efforts to make theater education accessible to students of all backgrounds, our tuition costs are among the most affordable in New York City.  Here, we believe that the only shortcut to mastering the art of acting is through devoted study and practice. To be a good actor is to be a complete artist. We invite you to join us on our journey. 


Our teaching philosophy is anchored in the principles of Konstantin Stanislavsky, whose work produced practical tools that allow for a truthful, spontaneous and complex performance. Sadly, as Stanislavsky’s most useful findings were developed at the end of his life, his most progressive discoveries never made their way to America. The Stanislavsky “System” as taught in most American drama schools is often out-of-date and misunderstood, at times leading to harmful approaches that ultimately destroy the mental health of the actor. In actuality, Stanislavsky’s approaches to script analysis, character work, and rehearsals are constantly shifting and improving, thanks to the developments and research of Michael Chekhov, Jerzy Growtoski, Anatoly Vassiliev and many others. Therefore, it is the goal of our studio to train a contemporary, virtuosic and ethical actor—an artist in full command of his or her craft, capable of re-creating life, free from cliched imitations, performance after performance. 


As part of our mission of training a new generation of artists, exemplary students from the studio will be invited to perform in The Russian Arts Theater and Studio’s various productions taking place each season. While TRATS regularly auditions actors for upcoming roles, preferences are given to current students who show professionalism, commitment and promise. At the core of our casting preference is the ethical actor--a performer who understands that the creative environment is difficult to build yet easy to destroy, that openness, courtesy and respect are the crucial elements that glue together a successful collaboration. 


TRATS offers a limited amount of internship opportunities in exchange for free study at the studio. Interns will be assisting various stages of the company's productions taking place throughout the year. Upon successful completion of one production, interns will be given a stipend as well as a semester of workshop free of charge. Preferences are given to previously and currently enrolled students. For inquires, please email hello@russiantheater.org with a cover letter, headshot and resume.  


Russian Theater Lab With Aleksey Burago



Award-winning Russian director Aleksey Burago leads this weekly workshop aimed at expanding the actor's imagination, creative concentration, ethics and a sense of play on stage through the acting principles devised by Konstantin Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, as well as contemporary theater directors working in Russia today. Presence on stage begins with a courageous and joyful spirit. An actor must learn the difference between a cliched imitation cloaked as "naturalism" and a bold, human response. Through discussions, group exercises, theater games, improvisations and scene-work, students are guided towards acquiring the tools for an living, expressive and truthful performance.

Tuition: $275/Semester
Fall Semester: Sep 9- Oct 28
Mondays 6PM-9PM
Instructor: Aleksey Burago


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Russian Theater Lab For Kids — NEW!


Fall Semester: Sep 15 - Nov 3
Sundays 10am -11:30am (Ages 5 to 8) / Sundays 12:30pm - 2pm (Ages 8 to 11)
Tuition: $795/Semester
Instructor: Tatyana Zbirovskaya


Back by popular demand, The Russian Arts Theater and Studio is pleased to resume Russian Theater Lab For Kids, an eight-week workshop that aims to develop the creativity, focus, memory, imagination, and playfulness of children through theater games. Rooted in the principles of Konstantin Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov, children will write their own scripts, warm-up through theater games/improvisations, and rehearse each other’s works. All work in class will be filmed by instructor’s assistant and children will watch themselves after each class. The footage will be edited into a final presentation to be premiered in front of family and friends.

About The Instructor
At the age of sixteen, Tatyana Zibrovskaya applied to one of the Russia’s best acting academies and was accepted out of thousands of applicants. After receiving her Master’s in Arts at The Russian Academy of Dramatic Arts (GITIS), she performed daily on the stages of Moscow's best and most popular theaters in front of thousands, including Satiricon Theatre, Mayakovsky Theatre, Lenkom, and others. In New York, she has performed stand-up comedy in various comedy clubs, and she became a finalist in a Tristate Stand-Up Comedy competition. With time, Tatyana began to receive roles in television and movies and most recently, in the popular NBC series Chicago Fire, where she played the role of Baba. She had a speaking part in The Metropolitan Opera’s production of The Nose by Shostakovich. Additionally, Tatyana wrote, directed, and produced a short film that was accepted at Short Films Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. She worked with such esteemed directors such as as Sidney Lumet, Woody Allen, Ira Sachs, William Kentridge, Mark Zacharov, Andrey Goncharov, Konstantin Raykin, and others. During her life she performed in more than 3,600 shows around the world.

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