Lady With a Lapdog With Jokes + a Happy Ending! 

August 22nd to August 31st

Tuesdays to Sundays at 8PM


"Chekhov’s short stories, which seemed funny and naïve when I read them as a child, appear in a new light after Burago's risky staging, with the help of the beautifully nuanced performances of the entire cast...Chekhov’s wit is handled with care and great skill. This is something not to be missed!"                                                                                                             ---Theater Is Easy

Rated Highest-Scoring Show Beyond Broadway at!

Adapted & Directed by Aleksey Burago

Based On The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov

Original Set Design by Olia Rogova

 Lighting Design by Conor Mulligan  

Costume Design by Aleksey Burago & Di Zhu

While vacationing alone in the Crimean sea resort of Yalta, a Moscow playboy quickly finds himself having another affair—this time with a married woman who wanders along the shore with her pet dog. However, their lives are soon uprooted as they realize they have found true love. Interwoven around their romance are ten of Chekhov’s most colorful anecdotes, including Fish, Death of a Government Clerk, Confessions, A Chorus Girl, Overspiced, A Little Joke, Daughter of Albion, Surgery, Elements Most Found in Short Stories, A Happy Ending and Life is Beautiful. Join the colorful carousel of Chekhovian characters as they fumble through love and the beautiful absurdities of Russian life. Performed in English.



MICHAEL DONA (Ivan Dmitry Chervyakov/Fisherwoman/Priest & Other Characters) Michael is an actor based in New York City. Previous productions  with The Russian Arts Theater and Studio include Master and Margarita, Three Sisters, Crime and Punishment, My Uncle Chekhov and House of Curiosities.

ROMAN FREUD (General/Klim/Dentist/Ivan Kuzmich & Other Characters) Roman is a graduate of The Schukin Theater School in Moscow. He directed and performed in Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Claudius), Twelfth Night (Orsino), Salinger’s Franny (Lane) and other plays. Roman worked at the Moscow Jewish Chamber Musical Theater as a musical actor and throughout his six years there starred in all productions, including Tango of Life, Lomir Ale Ineynem and Fiddler on the Roof. As a company member, Mr. Freud toured and performed in New York, Melbourne, Milan, Rome, Budapest and other cities in the former Soviet Union. New York stage credits include Enemy, Love story by I.B. Singer/Herman Broder (Steps Theater), Unhappy Happiness, adapted from Anton Chekov’s Lady With a Lapdog/Gurov (Steps Theater), No Day, No Month, No Year adapted from Nikolai Gogol’s Dairy of a Madman/Madgy (Steps Theater), Vasily and Federico/multiple roles (Steps Theater), Three Sisters/Vershinin (Russian Arts Theater and Studio), The Master & Margarita, Or The Devil Comes to Moscow, adapted from Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita/Woland (Russian Arts Theater and Studio).

CONOR ANDREW HALL (Anton/Groom & Other Characters) Conor is a native of Michigan and is an actor based in New York City. New York stage credits include The Master and Margarita, Or, The Devil Comes To Moscow (Ivan Bezdomny), Lady With a Lapdog With Jokes And a Happy Ending (Anton), and The Unspeakable Passion of Mitch Devoe (Mitch Devoe). He is also an ensemble member at The Greenhouse Ensemble. 

LUISA MENZEN (Nadenka/Zoya Egorovna/ Pashal & Other Characters) Luisa is a NYC based multilingual actress, who was born in Germany and grew up in Italy, where she started her Theater training and began to work in the arts. Three years ago she moved to the big Apple, pursuing her acting career. New York stage credits directed by Aleksey Burago include My Uncle Chekhov, Crime and Punishment, The Master and Margarita (West End Theater), Avenue of Wonder (The Balcony Theater). She has also been seen on TV commercial spots and appeared in independent films.

ARIEL POLANCO (Otsov/Cabaret Dancer/Nikolay Petrovitch Kolpakov & Other Characters)  Ariel is a New York native and has performed internationally both as an actor and dancer. He was most recently seen in The Rise and Fall of Macondo. Select stage credits at The Russian Arts Theater and Studio: The Master and Margarita (Koroviev), Three Sisters (Tuzenbach), Crime and Punishment (Pyotr Petrovich), Avenue of Wonder (Lieutenant Pirogov) and My Uncle Chekhov (Pustovalov). 

TOM SCHUBERT (Dmitry Dmitrych Gurov) After a recent production of The Master and Margarita, Or, The Devil Comes To Moscow, which was artistically very fulfilling to him, Tom couldn’t be more delighted  to visit the summery Yalta and wintery Moscow of Chekhov, as envisioned by  Mr. Burago. Besides the stage, he also tells stories on film and TV, through voiceovers and photography. For credits and more on his work visit

LANA STIMMLER (Traveler/Wife/Lybov Grygovevna & Other Characters) Lana is an actress based in New York City. Previous productions under Aleksey Burago’s director include The Master and Margarita, Here We Are, Lovely Leave, and Queen of Spades

DI ZHU (Anna Sergeyevna) Di Zhu is an actress and pianist based in New York City. She has appeared in over fifteen productions at The Russian Arts Theater and Studio, mostly recently as Margarita in Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, Or, The Devil Comes to Moscow. Select New York stage credits include Selected Shorts: Love, Laughter and Vodka With Anton Chekhov (As Herself), Three Sisters (Masha) Crime and Punishment (Sonya), Avenue of Wonder (Dark Woman), Swan Song (Pianist), My Uncle Chekhov (Olenka), The Bear & Other Jokes by Anton Chekhov (Popova), Uncle Vanya (Yelena), and The Seagull (Masha). Film and TV credits include Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and NBC's The Blindspot.