Scene From Three Sisters, Act One

Photo by Asya Danilova

The New York Chekhov Festival

The first annual New York Chekhov Festival came to a close on April 15th, as Swan Song (Про Великое Ничто) played to an over-filled house at the quaint and antique Balcony Theater. In addition to this production, the NYCF provided sixteen performances of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, as well as a free lecture on Anton Chekhov and the golden age of the Moscow Art Theater at the Jordan Center at New York University. Furthermore, The Russian Arts Theater and Studio was thrilled to host performances for students of The Russian Club and drama classes from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, in addition to students studying Russian literature from Columbia University. 

"The time-honored piece is well respected under Aleksey Burago’s direction, while maintaining an exciting newness. Character interactions and intentions are classically Stanislavski; while dance, music, and artful movement innovate in revelatory ways."

                                                                                               ---Theater Pizzazz


     Registration Now Open!

This eight-week acting workshop led by Artistic Director Aleksey Burago will resume on May 23rd, taking place every Tuesday evening from 6PM-9PM. Space is limited! Please be sure to reserve your spots in advance!

In acting, being spontaneous and reacting to our partner is only the beginning of our work. The actor as artist should develop a strong inner discipline. This includes acquiring a heightened concentration, a versatile voice, an expressive body, and a powerful imagination. Your job on stage is to re-create the life of the human spirit, but to do so, you should first have mastery over your own. In these weekly sessions, we will examine the ideas and acting methods by some of Russia's most prominent theater artists. For more info and registration, please CLICK HERE!